Dangers of Food Obsession and Overdoing Healthy Eating


Have you ever met a health food fanatic? He/she is always counting calories, reading labels, juicing and preaching the benefits of organic foods and eating healthy snacks. These people can be quite annoying even though they mean well. However, they are not only a danger to others in terms of being fun busters, but they can also be a danger to themselves. It’s good to eat healthy foods but look out as you can overdo it and get into trouble. Common mistakes done in healthy eating include;

Overdoing the omega three’s

These are healthy fats known to fight inflammation and chronic ailments such as diabetes and heart ailments. However, they should not be taken in excess because they may interfere with the body’s immunity. So, eat fish and eggs in moderation and ensure that you do not too much of nuts, fish and eggs among other omega 3 rich foods.

Taking too much vitamin C

Vitamin C is great for boosting your body’s immunity and maintaining healthy skin, bones and teeth. However, there is a limit to the amount of vitamin C you can take from food and supplements. Doctors recommend no more than 200 mg a day. When taken excessively, it may cause kidney stones, trigger heartburn and insomnia. It may also cause diarrhea and bloating. To avoid overdoing this vitamin intake, get your vitamin C in healthy snacks from fruits and vegetables as opposed to taking it in supplement form. Get it from papaya, citrus fruit, bell peppers and Brussels sprouts among others foods.

Completely avoiding certain food groups

Some people avoid certain food groups, for example, avoiding fat completely. This is wrong because each and every food group has a purpose for your body. The only thing you can do is portion your meals and consume healthy snacks in between meals making sure that you have each type of food in moderation.

Taking too much of certain foods

Did you know that there is such a thing as too much fiber? This applies to all other foods. Take them in moderation. The danger of over- indulging in certain types of food is that your body may not be able to handle them. For example, excess protein intake has been known to stress the kidneys

Over juicing

Juicing fruits and vegetables is a very good way of attaining your vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables. It is especially beneficial for people that are averse to eating fruits and vegetables because they can take it in the form of tasty juices and smoothies. However, some people over do juicing. One thing to know is that there is a limit to the amount of vitamins and minerals that can be absorbed by your body in a day.

Hence, taking lots of fruits juice and vegetables does not mean that your body is absorbing all the vitamins and minerals. In many cases, this can lead to an overdose of vitamin and minerals that can trigger organ problems and ill health. The bottom line is to do things in moderation when consuming food and healthy snacks to avoid negative repercussions in healthy eating practices.


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  1. Madonna B. · October 2, 2014

    Yeah I like healthy foods but your right being too picky can lead to sickness

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