Low Carb Food List to Consider

You need to know what to eat as part of your low carb food diet. Your ultimate goal will remain getting a well-balanced diet since that is what you need to maintain good health. This blog post has all the necessary foods that you will consider helpful when under a low carbs diet. Make sure you don’t confuse anything since this is a serious matter touching on your dieting.



You don’t eat any type of fruits when you are under a low carbs diet. Make sure you are selective enough to settle on the right ones. The best fruits are those with low quantities of sugar because it translates to high nutritional value. Lemons, blackberries, strawberries, papaya, peaches, blueberries, casaba melon, guavas and apples are some of the fruits that you should include in your low carb food list. Oranges and pears have a fair amount of sugar and will not be bad for consideration.


VegetablesThese are foods that should never miss out of your low carb diet list. In choosing the right vegetables for your low carb diet, consider the carbohydrate levels in every serving. Sprouts, spinach, lettuce, chard, kale, rosemary, mushrooms, cabbage and jicama are some of the vegetables that you can have for your low carb diet. There are also cucumbers, peppers, cauliflower, okra, green beans, wax beans and pumpkin which you will not have made any mistake to consider for your diet. Since your diet is aimed at lowering carbohydrates, you should not consider eating starchy and sweet vegetables.


Roasted Beef

This brings together dairy products as well as seafood. You have to cast your net wide in getting the best meaty products for your low carb food list. You have to be very careful on these foods because most of them might end up being counterproductive. For instance, you are prohibited against taking breaded seafood and meat like fish sticks or fried chicken, processed foods are not highly recommended because they contain sugar while canned meat contains carbs.

You can get to know about all that by reading labels for every canned or processed food. Organ meat is one of the best for low carb diets because their nutritional value is always high. You can have liver from chicken and animals but don’t take more than 4 oz. in a day. Eggs are also good to substitute meat as well as soy beans which are more or less the same.

Nuts and seeds

Nuts and Seeds

In this category, you will have to consider foods like walnuts, almonds and sunflower seeds among others that are known to have very little of the carbohydrates.

Dairy products

Dairy ProductsThese are good because they have high fat contents and good for situations where you want to lower carbohydrates. Consider yogurt, cream, butter and cheese for your low carb diet list.


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