10 Most Healthy Foods to Eat


It is very unfortunate that very many people don’t know the best healthy foods to eat. They just take in whatever they come across as long as their hunger is satisfied. Luckily, this blog post will discuss the top ten healthiest foods that you will ever come across.


670x420Kapak-Fotoserinleten-tarifThis is a fruit highly rich in vitamin C and it’s important for bone formation and increasing cholesterol. The fruit has citrus flavonoids which is helpful in preventing cancer as well as suppressing inflammation.


844-4-shutterstock_145111765This is a common type of vegetables and it’s good in fighting diseases like cancer making it a healthy food type. Vitamin K is its key nutrient and it helps in blood clotting as well as growth of cells. It is very tasty.

Dark chocolate

shutterstock_133272845_1Many people might consider this to be a food for children but it is good for maintaining respectable health in adults. This chocolate helps to tame blood pressure thanks to its high contents of flavonoids and antioxidants.


shutterstock_91610936It might surprise you that salmon is one of the healthiest foods in the world but not every salmon fits in. You have to specifically go for the wild salmon which has vitamin D in addition to omega-3 fatty acids for proper protection of the heart. Actually, the fatty acids are good in preventing aging effects as well as memory damage.


gegrillter-kuerbis_5801This is a more traditional food but very healthy for consumption even in the modern world. It contains very limited levels of calories but rich in fibers and vitamin A. Beta carotene is the other nutrient that you will find in pumpkins.


IMG_3357Go for red potatoes and you will consume high amounts of folate which is a nutrient for building cells. Vitamin A is also present in tomatoes and will be good for dealing with cancer and bolstering immunity to diseases.


Bx6P_V8IAAAi6cwThis is also a fruit that makes it to the top healthy foods that you can eat. They have high contents of fiber with pectin the notable soluble fiber found in apples. Pectin helps to clear harmful cholesterol from the body and you will find most of the helpful compounds in the fruit’s skin.


photoThis is good for decreasing cholesterol levels in the body. That is for the reason that avocados have high amounts of fats and fiber coming with the added advantage of lowering risks of suffering heart diseases.


BananasChoppedUp1-850x400-1There is no other food that you will come across with high potassium levels than a banana. This compound is good for improving blood pressure as well as making sure the digestive and muscular systems function properly.

Whole-wheat bread

shutterstock_4416880The fact that this bread is made of whole grains make it absolutely healthy. Whole grains help to maintain cholesterol levels low, contain blood sugar and pressure as well as prevent killer disease like cancer.

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The food that you eat must be healthy which remains to be the clarion call by this celebrated author. To date, he has written many books and articles on key healthy recipes for people to use as their health guidelines. He likes impacting lives of other human beings positively through his writing.


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