6 Ways to Have a Healthier Barbecue


Who doesn’t like having the best barbecue? I guess none and that is why you need to know about the best ways through which your barbecue will turn out to be the best. I have been in the cooking industry for ten years now having been trained as a chef. Cooking is not only my profession but a hobby that I admire a lot. Using this blog post, I will teach you about the top six ways of having a healthier barbecue. You will like them and don’t shy away from giving any a try.

#1. Add alcohol– oh unto you if you don’t take alcohol because it is one of the best things that can help make your barbecue healthy. For instance, red wine will be good to eliminate carcinogens from beef once soaked a few hours to grilling. The effects of using beer for your barbecue have been proven as positive so you will not be trying something new.

#2. Precook with microwave– this is yet another way of making sure your barbecue is healthy enough. It can take as low as one to two minutes at medium temperatures and this is proven to lower HCAs in meat by up to 90 percent. You have to microwave your meat prior to grilling and the resultant barbecue will be healthy.

#3. Regulate temperatures– there are the recommended heating temperatures when preparing barbecue which should be strictly observed in ensuring it is healthy. Naturally, you are not supposed to heat the meat at a temperature above 325 degrees otherwise HCAs will start forming up. There are meat thermometers used for measuring the temperature levels and you need to invest in that when keen to prepare a healthy barbecue. Heating at low temperatures will allow you to prepare the barbecue for enough periods.

#4. Add marinades– marinades has very safe antioxidants which helps to prevent the barbecue from being contaminated by dangerous byproducts. You should consider marinating your meat some ten minutes before grilling and it will prevent any possible formation of HCAs.

#5. Clean the grill well– this is by far the best and most logical way of making sure your barbecue is healthy. This has to be done beforehand and after use to give your barbecue a hygienic environment for grilling. There is obviously some residue left after the previous cooking and that is what such cleaning should focus on. Never grate your meat when the grill is dirty as that will compromise on the need to have a healthy barbecue.

#6. Preheat the grill– after cleaning the grill; you need to preheat it so as to kill off any bacteria that might be present. You don’t have to leave anything o chance in making sure your barbecue is healthy. The preheating can last for up to half an hour just to make sure all bacteria is dead.


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